1. The VCE Results and ATAR Service (the Service) is a joint service of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC), established to provide eligible students enrolled in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) with the following Results Information:
    1. whether a student has been awarded the VCE or VCAL
    2. a list of all Year 12 studies completed in 2023 with grades and study scores
    3. whether a student has been awarded the VCE (Baccalaureate)
    4. a student's Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)
    5. a student's VTAC scaled study scores.
  2. The VCAA is a statutory authority continued under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic), responsible for, amongst other things, the provision of results to students as part of the VCE and VCAL. VTAC is the central office that administers the application and offer process for places in tertiary courses at university, TAFE and independent tertiary colleges in Victoria (and a few outside Victoria).
  3. There are three options for accessing your Results Information via the Service:
    1. this website
    2. the VCE Results and ATAR app
    3. by mail. Please note that VCE and VCAL Statements of Results and ATAR Statements will be sent to students by mail after the online release of results. VCE and VCAL certificates are distributed by schools and colleges, rather than mailed with results.
  4. Use of the Service website and app is governed by these Terms of Use (including the Privacy Statement) and by using this website and/or the app, you are taken to have accepted these terms. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the Service website or app.
  5. The Results Information provided on the Service website and app is not intended as a substitute for the Statement of Results issued by the VCAA and/or an ATAR Statement issued by VTAC, and must not be used, relied upon or provided to any third party as if it were an official statement from the VCAA and/or VTAC.
  6. While reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the Results Information provided via the Service website and app is accurate at the time of publication, the VCAA and the VTAC will not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may be incurred by any person acting in reliance upon the Results Information. The VCE and VCAL Statement of Results and ATAR Statements are the official statements of results and ATARs. You are advised to obtain independent advice before acting on any information provided via the Service.
  7. To the extent permitted by law, the VCAA and the VTAC, their employees, agents and contractors exclude all liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of, or reliance on, the Results Information provided via the Service whether or not caused by any negligent act or omission. If any law prohibits the exclusion of such liability, the VCAA and the VTAC limit their liability to the extent permitted by law to the resupply of the information.
  8. The VCAA and VTAC provide no warranty to users that the Service website and app will be available uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the Service will be corrected.
  9. You acknowledge and agree that the VCAA and the VTAC will not be under any liability to you for any loss or damage, whether by negligence or otherwise, that arises in any way from the use of the Service website and/or app. You should satisfy yourself that you have appropriate protection against computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other items of a destructive nature whilst using this website and app, and that your connection is secure.
  10. Use of the Service website and app are free of charge, and open 24 hours from 7am, Monday 11 December 2023 until 5pm, Friday 15 December 2023.
  11. To access the Service website, you will need to register using your VCAA student number, first name, last name, date of birth, and email address. You will be required to create a password as part of the registration process. You agree to keep your VCAA student number and Service Password confidential (that is, you will not provide it to any other person). You agree that you are responsible for any activities using the Service that are undertaken using your VCAA student number and Service Password, and that you are responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of your Service Password by a third party.
  12. You can download the app from the App Store for Apple® devices or Google Play™ for Android™ devices; these are products and services owned and provided by third parties, and their use is subject to terms and conditions outside the control of the VCAA and VTAC, and at the user's own risk.
  13. In using the Service website and/or app, you agree not to:
    1. reverse engineer, decompile, copy or adapt any software or other code or scripts forming part of the website or attempt to transmit to or via the website any information that contains a virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other harmful or disruptive component;
    2. send 'spam' email or any unsolicited correspondence unrelated to the business of the VCAA or the VTAC to any addresses made available on the website; or
    3. change, modify, delete, interfere with or misuse data contained on the website or provided to you via the Service.
  14. Tampering with, doctoring or attempting to alter a screen shot or electronic record may expose you to criminal investigation and prosecution. If the VCAA and/or VTAC become aware of any such activity, the police will be contacted.
  15. You agree to immediately notify the VCAA of any unauthorised use of your VCAA student number and/or Service Password or any other breach of security of which you become aware.
  16. Use of the Service is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria.
  17. If you have questions about your VCE results and ATAR you should contact the Post Results and ATAR Service (PRAS). The PRAS has been set up to assist you with any questions you may have about your VCE results and/or your ATAR. The PRAS is a general information service, and does not provide results or the ATAR to callers. The PRAS can be contacted on (03) 9637 3877 (metro callers) or 1800 653 080 (free call) or pras@education.vic.gov.au.

This service will operate during the times specified at pras.resultsandatar.vic.edu.au

  1. For further information about the Service please visit pras.resultsandatar.vic.edu.au. For information about the VCAA, visit http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au. For information about VTAC, visit: http://www.vtac.edu.au.
Last Review Date - 11 July 2023